ON SET CINEMA is an ongoing film series that takes fandom a step further with rare movie screenings of cult favorites and horror classics at their actual filming locations. Created by Kenny Caperton, who lives in a life-size replica of Michael Myers’ house from John Carpenter’s original Halloween.

We all know there's only so close you can get to a movie when you're watching it at home from the couch …but what if you could step into the screen for a moment? Watch movies like Empire Records, The Strangers, and Twilight at the actual spots where a lot of the action takes place - whether that’s inside a small town department store where Sarah Michelle Gellar ran for her life in I Know What You Did Last Summer or at a California mansion where Sidney Prescott and Billy Loomis face off during the climax of Scream, ON SET CINEMA takes you there!


The Myers House NC is available for use as a filming location.  If you’re interested in reserving the house for an upcoming production, please send us a message via the contact form below.  Pending approval of the project, pricing is done on an individual basis - please specify if you're interested in exterior or interior house use and how many hours / days you'll need at the location.

The Barn: Part II (feature film) Nevermore Production Films (filming)
HONEYSPIDER (feature film) Paramount Scope (2015)
Christmas Carvings (short film) Last Call Pictures (2013)
All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest (feature film) Southlan-Films (2012)
Tar Heel Traveler (news segment) WRAL-TV News (2012)
Revenge of the Sandman (HALLOWEEN tribute feature film) Southlan-Films (2012)
Foodie (short film) Cinema Fuel Productions (2012)
Dr Drew’s Lifechangers (Halloween special) The CW Network (2011)
Sheri Moon Zombie’s TOTAL SKULL Halloween (clothing line commercial) The Myers House NC (2011)
Legends 2: A Halloween Tale (HALLOWEEN tribute feature film) Godbout Entertainment (2011)
Scarecrow At Midnight (short film) Mutantville Productions (2011)
JUDITH (HALLOWEEN tribute short film) The Myers House NC & Circa Sixty-Seven Industries (2010)
HALLOWEEN: The Inside Story (HALLOWEEN documentary) A&E Biography (2010)
Return of the Sandman (HALLOWEEN tribute feature film) Southlan-Films (2009)
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