ON SET CINEMA is an ongoing film series that takes fandom a step further with rare movie screenings of cult favorites and horror classics at their actual filming locations. Created by Kenny Caperton, who lives in a life-size replica of Michael Myers’ house from John Carpenter’s original Halloween.

We all know there's only so close you can get to a movie when you're watching it at home from the couch …but what if you could step into the screen for a moment? Watch movies like Empire RecordsThe Strangers, and Twilight at the actual spots where a lot of the action takes place - whether that’s inside a small town department store where Sarah Michelle Gellar ran for her life in I Know What You Did Last Summer or at a California mansion where Sidney Prescott and Billy Loomis face off during the climax of Scream, ON SET CINEMA takes you there!


• Saturday, Nov 16, 2019: The Prowler (1981) (Cape May, NJ) SOLD OUT!
• Sun, Dec 1, 2019: The Shining (Gov't Camp, OR) SOLD OUT!


Cape May, New Jersey • The Inn of Cape May



Join On Set Cinema in beautiful Cape May, New Jersey (aka Avalon Bay) for a special one-night only celebration event of The Prowler at the historic Inn of Cape May. This is the incredible building where the graduation dances took place and where the interior of the dorms were filmed. I will be showing the movie inside the Inn in the exact location where the dances took place - there will be balloons, party streamers, music, punch (possibly spiked), cake and a screening of the movie on Saturday night! I highly recommend reserving a room and staying overnight at The Inn - On Set Cinema tickets holders will be emailed a discount code for Saturday night lodging.

I’m extremely excited to announce that actress Vicky Dawson (final girl Pam MacDonald) will be a special guest at this event! Vicky will be flying across the country to take part in this celebration with us - she will be doing an autograph signing and Q&A at the Inn of Cape May before the screening. Fans will also have the opportunity to get a photo with her at the Southern Mansion on Saturday next to Rosemary's fireplace (more details coming soon).

You can bring your own item to get signed or purchase an exclusive event poster created by Quiltface Studios. Vicky Dawson: $20 per autograph (your item or ours), which includes a free picture with Vicky at the signing table (your camera). $10 for photo op with Vicky at the Southern Mansion next to Rosemary's fireplace (your camera). No autographs or photo ops will be sold in advance - everything will be available the day of the event. Event schedule coming soon. Don't miss this amazing opportunity! This is going to be the ultimate PROWLER event and a great weekend to hang out with fellow fans at incredible locations.

*** Joy Glaccum unexpectedly passed away on September 30th. I had a long phone conversation with her earlier this year and she was so excited to meet the fans. She seemed like such a genuinely sweet lady. You can read her obituary

The Southern Mansion
720 Washington St, Cape May, NJ 08204
• 2:15pm - 2:45pm: Vicky Dawson photo op at the Southern Mansion next to Rosemary’s fireplace. ($10 per person, your camera, CASH ONLY)

The Inn of Cape May
7 Ocean St, Cape May, NJ 08204
• 6:30pm - 8:00pm: Vicky Dawson autograph signing ($20 per autograph, CASH ONLY), complimentary punch and cake, exclusive event poster by Quiltface Studios available, On Set Cinema merch (Quiltface Studios & On Set Cinema CASH PREFERRED OR CREDIT), etc
• 8:00pm: THE PROWLER movie screening
• 9:30pm: Vicky Dawson Q&A



Government Camp, Oregon • Timberline Lodge (aka The Overlook Hotel)


All work and no play makes you a dull boy. Come and play with us forever …and ever …and ever on Sunday, December 1st, 2019 at a very special ON SET CINEMA screening of THE SHINING! I will be showing the film at the National Historic Timberline Lodge …aka The Overlook Hotel in beautiful Mount Hood, Oregon. The Timberline Lodge sits high on the shoulder of one of the most iconic mountain peaks in the Pacific Northwest and served as the filming location for the exterior establishing shots of the infamous Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic adaptation of Stephen King’s terrifying novel, The Shining!

This is an extremely rare public screening of the movie at Timberline and seating is limited. Fans will have access to the hotel grounds for the day, as well as the interior of the lodge (the Cascade dining room, Ram’s Head Bar & Restaurant, Wy’East Café, Y’Bar, history exhibit, gift shop, game room & more). I highly recommend staying overnight - On Set Cinema tickets holders will be emailed a discount code for Sunday night lodging. Just to give you an idea of the discount:

• Sunday night “Economy Twin” standard rate: $180 / On Set Cinema rate: $145 ($35 OFF) (20% discount)
• Sunday night “Queen” standard rate: $270 / On Set Cinema rate: $165 ($105 OFF - completely pays for your On Set Cinema ticket!) (39% discount)
• Sunday night “Queen Twin” standard rate: $300 / On Set Cinema rate: $185 ($115 OFF - completely pays for your On Set Cinema ticket!) (39% discount)

...the list goes on and on. So again, I highly suggest staying all night. Timberline also offers world class skiing and is the only ski resort in North America open all 12 months of the year! So grab your big wheels and prepare for total isolation …Mr. Torrance is waiting for you. 

• Location:
Timberline Lodge - 27500 E Timberline Road, Government Camp, OR 97028
• Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm (screening starts at 7pm)
• Admission: 
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THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL (November 2019) Lakeville, CT at The House of the Devil, with tour of the entire house and graveyard from the movie. Movie screening video introduction by Jocelin Donahue

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (October 2019) Southport, NC at the Amuzu Theatre, aka the Southport Community Theatre, with filming locations tour and cook out at Barry's house. SOLD OUT!

IT FOLLOWS (September 2019 - 2 screenings) Detroit, MI at the University of Detroit Mercy inside Jay’s classroom and at the historic Redford Theatre where Jay goes on a date with Hugh to see the movie Charade. Special Guests Leisa Pulido (Mrs. Hannigan / IT), Ruby Harris (Mrs. Redmond / IT) and Alexyss Spradlin (IT in kitchen) - all first ever signing appearances

FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES (August 2019) Rutledge, GA at Hard Labor Creek State Park (aka Camp Crystal Lake) with video introduction by C.J. Graham (Jason Voorhees). An entire weekend of summer camp - shared cabin camping with bunk beds, games, camp fires, watching VHS horror movies on tube TVs, swimming and canoeing in Crystal Lake, big screen outdoor showing of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Part III & Part IV. SOLD OUT!

BEETLEJUICE (July 2019) East Corinth, VT at the historic Box B Barn (in the heart of East Corinth next to the cemetery, town church, barber shop, Maitland Hardware, Lydia's school and the covered bridge). The production used this barn as the location where they built all the sets while filming in the town.

THE BLOB (1988) (June 2019) Abbeville, LA at Magdalen Square (in the heart of Abbeville next to the "Victor Theatre," the police station, the cafe, town hall, opening shot / ending, etc)

BLUE VELVET (May 2019) Wilmington, NC at Savorez Restaurant (aka Arlene’s Diner) with Special Guest Jeff Goodwin (makeup and special effects artist) and Mr. Ear

THE MUTILATOR / FALL BREAK (May 2019) Atlantic Beach, NC at The Mutilator beach house, inside the garage, with Special Guests Bill Hitchcock (Ralph), Ruth Martinez (Pam), Connie Rogers (Sue), Trace Cooper (Young Ed Jr), Pamela Cooper (Mother), Buddy Cooper (writer / director) & Ed Ferrell (special fx makeup) and video introduction by Matt Mitler (Ed Jr.)

SCREAM 2 (April 2019) Decatur, GA at Agnes Scott College (aka Windsor College) on the quad with filming locations tour and Special Guest Elise Neal (first ever signing appearance)

TWILIGHT (March 2019) Portland, OR at Madison High School (aka Forks High School) inside the cafeteria with tours of the biology classroom and school hallways (including Bella's locker). SOLD OUT!

THE CONJURING (February 2019) Wilmington, NC at The Motel. Movie screening inside motel room and tour of the The Conjuring house. SOLD OUT!

FINAL EXAM (December 2018) Gaffney, SC at Limestone College (aka Lanier College) inside the Final Exam classroom with Special Guest Rodger Painter (Still Photographer & 2nd Assistant Camera) and video introduction by Timothy L. Raynor

SCREAM (October 2018) Santa Rosa, CA at Stu's House with Special Guests Roger Jackson (the voice of Ghostface), Kurtis Bedford (Stu's House Party Goer) & Joleen Nordstrom (Courteney Cox's Stunt Double)

John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN (October 2018) South Pasadena, CA at The Myers House / SugarMynt Gallery with Special Guests Kim Gottlieb-Walker (H1 & H2 Still Photographer) & Erik Preston (Young Michael Myers H4). SOLD OUT!

THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT (August 2018) Falmouth, KY at The Pool at Kincaid Lake State Park with Special Guests Damian Maffei (Man in the Mask), Lea Enslin (Pin-Up Girl), Leah Roberts (Young Mother), Gabriel A. Byrne (Young Son), Jodi Byrne (Head Makeup Artist), Beki Ingram (Special Effects Makeup Department Head), Lydia Hand (Dollface Stunt Double), Nick Pirrmann (Location Manager), Chris Polczinski (Sound Mixer), Tash Ann (Sound), Brandon Suico (Built Trucks) & THE HERO TRUCK

THE STRANGERS (August 2018) Florence, SC at Pee Dee Shrine Club (The Strangers Wedding Reception Building) with video introduction by Kip Weeks

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (July 2018) Burgaw, NC at Harrell's Dept Store (aka Shivers Dept Store) with Special Guest Rasool J'Han (Deb)

EMPIRE RECORDS (June 2018) Wilmington, NC at Rebellion NC (aka Empire Records) with video introduction by Johnny Whitworth


ON SET CINEMA is the brainchild of Kenny Caperton. Growing up in the 80s & 90s, like most kids at the time, he spent Friday nights wandering the aisles of local video stores with friends or at home eating junk food while watching late night cable television. Caperton has always been fascinated by movies, but his love runs much deeper than the average person. He has assimilated his passion for cinema into real life - for almost 20 years Caperton has been taking "vacation" trips all over the US & Canada to visit filming locations from his favorite movies and TV shows: The Shining, Empire Records, It Follows, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Goonies, Scream, Dawson's Creek, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Stranger Things ...the list goes on and on. He even made a full length feature film that got worldwide distribution without taking a single filmmaking class. Caperton took everything to an entirely new level in 2008 when he decided to build and live in a life-size replica of the infamous Michael Myers' house from his favorite movie of all time - John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic, Halloween.

Kenny truly understands what it means to immerse oneself in something they love and has integrated this into his daily life. Now he wants to share that experience with other fans through On Set Cinema!

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Lauren has been a part of On Set Cinema since day one! Part mermaid, head merch girl and button queen.