“The Myers House? You're not supposed to go up there ...that's the Spookhouse!” -Tommy Doyle, HALLOWEEN (1978)

WHey everyone, ant to visit the boogeyman's home away from home?  I welcome fellow fans to come visit The Myers House NC, but BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Sorry everyone, but I can't have random visitors walking around my property while I'm not home.  You must make an appointment before visiting the house.  The house is located on private property and you are liable for trespassing if caught on the premises without permission.  I love to have visitors at the house, but at the same time I must protect myself and my privacy.  I hope everyone understands.

General visitors are only allowed to check out the exterior of the house.  The only time I allow visitors to view the inside of the house is at my annual Halloween party in October.  Also, the house isn't in a location where you can drive by and see it from the street.  So if you're interested in seeing the house, feel free to come on one of the
EVENT days or please send me a message via the contact form below with the date and time you would like to visit and I'll check my schedule. Weekends are best and it is free to visit the house.  I don't do "tours" - I simply allow fellow fans to check out the exterior of my home.  Pictures are fine, but please no video without my permission first.  And feel free to bring your Michael Myers mask or costume!